About Us

We are a team of engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs who are passionate about building digital assets that matter. We believe in the power of technology to change the world for the better and are committed to using our skills to create products and services that make a difference.

Digital Asset Group (DAG) is a marketing firm that specializes in creating and delivering targeted content to increase sales for their clients. With over a decade of experience, they know how to craft an effective message that reaches the right people. By analyzing data and demographics, they can create custom content that speaks to each individual customer. This approach has resulted in increased sales for businesses of all sizes.

Building Digital Assets That Matter

Digital Asset Group is a Syracuse-based, privately held company that acquires, builds, and operates middle-market web-based businesses. DAG’s mission is to build value and manage portfolio risk by acquiring a diverse group of product-centric companies with favorable long-term growth potential.

Our Incredible Team

Kevin Fairbanks

SEO Strategist

Michael Patterson​

WordPress Developer​

Margo Chastain​

UI/UX Designer​

Alex Greena​

Freelance Designer​


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